Solera Reserve
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Design Center

Solera Reserve

Price Residential Group will provide 8 hours of design services from Sarah Neligan, Madden McFarland Interiors. All selections are available at our on site decorating center located in the lower level of the Cabernet Model. We offer a tremendous selection of granites, tiles, stone and cabinetry option all within our standard décor selections.


Careful attention to detail and your time utilization makes this proven process work well. Sarah, has allocated time frames to work on specific areas, make the process efficient and fun.


If you don’t see what you like in the design center, Sarah will point you in the direction of our vendors to look and work with them directly.  Custom cabinet options from King cabinets, specialty lighting with Wilson Lights, The best appliances money can buy with our appliance vendor Alexander and Ray.  All vendors have been helping us for years and they know good customer service.

We know you are in good hands with all of us working together to build your dream home.

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